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Erotic Audios

If you want to listen to the best erotic audios, you will have to meet Lola, her voice and her cockiness will make you go crazy. Her erotic audios are sensual and exciting, disrespectful and elegant at the same time. You don’t want to miss something like this.

Erotic Audio Stories

The erotic audio stories that you find in RELATOSPARATOCAR.ME make you vibrate, make you look for a secluded place where you can unleash the animal inside you.

Spoken erotic stories

Listening to these spoken erotic stories your underwear will get wet, if it doesn’t, you’re having a bad day. Let yourself be carried away by the erotic spoken stories of Lola and other of the most sensual voices.

Erotic Audios

Listening to erotic audios in a dark room, without prying eyes, my body, my hands and the erotic audio, the nudity and the rubbing with the sheets make the necessary company so that the moment ends with shivers of those who like and why not, with a smile of those who ask for a cigarette after.

Audio porn stories

You are listening to Lola narrating a double penetration with two giant Africans and imagining the image that her voice describes when she kneels under her friend to fill her with pleasure with an XXL dildo. The best porn audio stories can be found at stories to touch me. You can also read this story here.

Erotic Audio Stories & Writing erotic stories

If you like to write erotic stories and you want to publish them in a place where many people can see them and comment them this is your site, the best stories will be narrated by Lola or another collaborator and you will be able to see the comments and valuations of many users. Your stories will carry your signature and if you want a link to your main social networking account or your website, that way, you will get more people to know you and promote your skill in erotic writing.

Voices to narrate erotic stories

If you think your voice has that sensual point, if you are one of those people who has the ability to narrate, if you are one of those who can encapsulate moans that provoke passions, contact us, we want you in our team, we will pamper you like a god. It is not easy to narrate well an erotic story but those people who have that gift, are able to cheer up bodies in the distance.

We love Spanish voices but also Latin voices, we are crazy about the voices of foreign people who speak a non-native Spanish but that can be understood enough to warm up the atmosphere.

Reading erotic stories

There are many of us who devour texts when they hide the descriptions of those perfect and sweaty bodies dancing in obscene acts. There are many of us that when we read erotic stories we get excited as much or more than with a porn video, and our imagination has more space to adapt it to our fantasy. If you like to read erotic stories, you will enjoy, we have many and most of them very good. We don’t publish just any story that comes to us, only those that really raise the bar and other things. Reading erotic stories is a pleasure and here there is a lot of pleasure hidden between letters.