It all happened one summer night. I was out partying with my friends in the city. It was 06:00 and I was about to walk to the train station to catch the train to go home. It was a very hot day and the sky was cloudy. And what happened? It started to rain a lot before we left the disco. So I wasn’t going to walk to the station anymore. While I was waiting for the cab about ten minutes or so passed and my friends also called a cab. I took one by myself because I was going to my town and they lived in the city. 

Let me tell you what I was wearing that day. I was wearing a short white top, white. A tight black mini skirt and black high heels. I never wear a bra. Okay. Well, you’ll know. I don’t normally wear a bra, so I wasn’t wearing a bra that day either.

And underneath I only wore a black lace thong. The cab arrived, so I walked over to the cab driver who had stopped right in front of the disco and got into the car. The cab driver was a man in his 50s or so. He had kind of gray hair, but the truth is that I got in and I found him quite attractive, which I thought was a little strange because I was 19 years old and I wasn’t usually attracted to older men. Okay, I got into the cab and as usual, as I always do, I sat in the passenger seat, but in the back because I don’t like to sit in the front, I don’t feel safe. I sat in the back, ok? And the man was really nice. All the time talking he gave me a lot of conversation and I appreciated it because the trip was quite long. From the city to my town it’s about a 25 to 30 minute ride. Then I started to notice that the cab driver was very nice, but he kept looking at me in the rearview mirror. What happened in one of those.

Well, I looked in the mirror and saw that he was looking at my breasts. Okay, then I looked down and realized that since I had gotten wet from the rain and was wearing a white top, everything was showing through and I wasn’t wearing a bra. So you could see all my boobs, basically. The weird thing was that I didn’t feel uncomfortable and I got pretty horny thinking that I was half naked in a cab and that the guy was staring at me. So what happened? He realized that I had noticed that I was all wet and that I could see everything. And at that moment he asked me if I wanted to sit next to him so that he could put the heater on and I could get better air and so he could take off my shirt, so I wouldn’t be cold. And I told him that it would rain. Then we took advantage that he stopped at a traffic light and I got out of the car and sat in the passenger seat. 

I sat next to him and I noticed how he kept looking at me all the time. I mean, he would look at the road for three seconds and then he wouldn’t stop looking at me and I was noticing it and he started kind of complimenting me. He started to tell me that he liked my tattoos a lot, that the one he liked the most was this one here, where I had it done, that I was a very pretty girl, that I had very beautiful eyes. 

Between compliments I noticed how his hand was getting closer to my leg. He put his hand on my thigh, I was wearing a tight skirt. What’s wrong? That didn’t bother me either and the truth is that I got even hornier than I already was. And what did I do? Well, instead of telling him to take his hand away or what he was doing, because I was sitting with my legs straight, I accommodated myself a little and opened up so he could get in.

As soon as he noticed that I opened my legs like this, logically he knew that I was receptive and his hand was here, so I noticed how he started to pull it up, I started to pull it up, up, up and up and he started to touch me over my thong, what happened was that since I was wearing a lace thong, he noticed that it was wet and then he kept caressing me and the more he caressed me the hornier I was. Then I decided to do the same. 

I started caressing him over his pants. He was already very hard. started stroking over his pants and he was getting excited and put his hand inside his thong. Then I didn’t even know where to put it. I was super horny and I unzipped his pants and put my hand inside, took out his dick and it was a normal dick. It wasn’t too big or too small, but I was so horny that I needed to put it in my mouth, because I couldn’t take it anymore and I started to masturbate him while he was fingering me and it was about ten minutes or so.

And then he told me that if it was okay with me, to stop somewhere so we could be more comfortable. And I said yes. So what did he do? He stopped the car in an open field next to the highway. And once he stopped the car, I started to suck him off because I couldn’t take it anymore. I mean, I was with my panties down to my knees in the passenger seat, my skirt hiked up to my navel. Normally I like to start slow and then increase the intensity. But I couldn’t take it anymore and I started playing hard because all I wanted was to feel his cock inside my mouth. So what did I do? I put the whole thing in my mouth and left it there for a while until I started gagging and when I got all the drool out of my mouth all over him. Well, unbelievable. After that, I kept sucking him off. And after a while I looked at him, and there he was like that and I looked at him and I said please, put it in me now!

I couldn’t take it anymore, my pussy was throbbing, so I opened the passenger door, I sat with my legs spread out of the car, he got out and came through my door, he looked me up and down, and then he slammed it into me, I screamed, because he put it all the way in, the guy, for how old he was, he fucked super well, he started to give me super hard, which I like, while he grabbed me by the neck and squeezed me, and spit on me, he hit me in the face, I loved it, after a while, he started to squeeze me more, I was about to faint but I did not say anything because I liked it, and soon after, he took it out of my pussy, put it on my face and cum on my face, I started to lap up all his milk, he moaned a lot and I get really turned on when guys moan. Then I asked him to finger me and after 3 seconds of fingering me I came, but I came in a big way, I soaked his face, although I don’t think it bothered him. 

Afterwards, we got dressed, sat in the car and he drove me home. 

I lay down on my bed and started thinking about what I had just done, that I had just fucked a guy, who was 50 years old, who could be my father and I got super horny again, then, I was in bed, masturbating, thinking about him.

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