It all happened one summer night. I was out partying with my friends in the city. It was 06:00 and I was about to walk to the train station to catch the train to go home. It was a very hot day and the sky was cloudy. And what happened? It started to rain a … Read more

Femme fatale erotic stories: Lawyer

That man made me uncomfortable from the first time I entered his office, fat, with a shiny face, as if he was sweating from the excess of hamburgers he consumed, the buttons of his shirt at the limit of their capacity, his thin lips and his blue eyes, tiny, almost absorbed in that face cushioned … Read more

5 Best erotic audio sites

Here we bring you a selection of best erotic audio sites for you to enjoy sensual voices. Not machine voices or voices that only read erotic stories, here we bring you best erotic audio sites with real voices for you to feel that warmth that only another human can give you.

Step by step guide to erotic massage

 One of our favorite plans for surprising a partner is to give them a much desired erotic massage, the plan of choice for many on such a special day. But, do you know how to give an erotic massage? Regardless of whether you are a Expert or not when it come to this, we are … Read more

Self-censored erotic tale

NOT BASED ON REAL EVENTSThis erotic story is published for you to vote if I should narrate it or if I should discard it. I think I’ve been too cruel here. It’s here, as every night returning on the last subway of line 7 appears, I do not know where, an old octogenarian with his … Read more