5 Best erotic audio sites

Here we bring you a selection of best erotic audio sites for you to enjoy sensual voices. Not machine voices or voices that only read erotic stories, here we bring you best erotic audio sites with real voices for you to feel that warmth that only another human can give you.


First of all, Storiestotouch.me here you will find erotic audios of different categories, from romantic love to experiences in a Glory Hole or a trip through Africa. You can listen to it on the web or in your favorite podcast app.

Lesbian Sex Stories

Lesbian Sex Stories It’s a very hot podcast, with stories that have their share of context and their share of heat. The voices are one of its strong points, there is not just one voice, there are several and they enrich the content a lot. If you don’t know it, I recommend it.

All The Filthy Details Podcast

I think it’s the ideal podcast for lovers of erotic audio podcasts with great stories behind them. The erotic content is a small percentage, but I don’t think it will leave you unsatisfied. The vocals in my opinion are a bit flat, even in the hottest moments, but, I’m sure this will appeal to others who prefer a softer style.

Erotic Stories by Krystine

Krystine has a feminine and deep voice, one of those voices that catch you, the sound of the podcast, the background music, form a magical erotic audio. On the other hand, one of her stories is about humiliation, a subject that, although in demand, is difficult to find. His episodes, at least the ones I know, are not sexually explicit as such, but that doesn’t mean they are not exciting.

Leroy H. Parks

Leroy H. Parks is a Podcast of erotic audios quite well worked, I have to say that I don’t like the voice, I find it nasal, but it is also true that in the explicit points, it is one of the few podcast of erotic stories that really interpret sex and that you can hear moans, even screams typical of a good sex session. As for the stories, I think they are good. By the way, he is another one of those creators who makes long erotic podcasts, the one I leave you here is 45 minutes long. What I like the most is that it is impossible that the voice is created by a bot.

And now you, do you know any other erotic audio site that is recommendable? Do you think you know how to recognize the difference between a machine voice and a human voice? I would love you to leave in the comments your opinion about these and others you know. I also wonder if you think a good machine voice is enough or if you also need to feel that it is a real voice. I look forward to your feedback.

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