Femme fatale erotic stories: Lawyer

That man made me uncomfortable from the first time I entered his office, fat, with a shiny face, as if he was sweating from the excess of hamburgers he consumed, the buttons of his shirt at the limit of their capacity, his thin lips and his blue eyes, tiny, almost absorbed in that face cushioned with fat. But his appearance wasn’t the worst thing, the worst thing was the way he looked at me, without any discretion, when it wasn’t at my cleavage it was at my legs and when not, at my mouth, I could guess what he was thinking in every glance, he read my thoughts like someone reading a magazine.   What I didn’t expect that day was that reaction to my high heels, a lawyer who defends prostitutes and who offers to do it for free in exchange for payment in kind shouldn’t lose so much control at the sight of red heels… He offered me to work for free in exchange for me stepping on his feet with my high heels, I had never done anything like that before. But, I liked the idea of stepping on him.   I bolted the door of his office, took off my tight dress and kept my lingerie and my red heels.   He surprised by my initiative undressed too, in a second, I looked at him, fat disgusting, naked, his cock was nothing more than another ball of fat.   He pushed the chair aside and lay down on the floor, on the shaggy carpet. 

-Step on me.

He said in a nervous, anxious voice.  I started stepping on him with one foot, a little, leaning my weight on the other foot.  I leaned my weight more on the shoe I was carrying on his chest.   I felt ridiculous, but, I had to do it if I wanted to save myself other forms of payment. 


He repeated anxiously.  Leaning one hand on the desk, I brought my second foot up to his chest.   


He said, looking at my feet, it was as if he had forgotten the person who wore those stiletto shoes.  I obeyed. I stepped on his belly, softer than his chest, and brushed my shoe against his meatball-shaped cock.  At that moment I came on top and decided to try to up the ante.   -You disgust me, you fat fuck. 

I said, looking him in the eyes, he looked me in the face for a second and blushing, he looked back at my shoes, I kicked him in his parts, without much force, and looking at his cock I said, 

“You have the nastiest dick.  You have the nastiest dick I’ve ever seen in my years as a whore. And I accompanied it with another kick in the same place.  I noticed that he liked that.   -Are you going to turn your meatball into a sausage? I brought the shoe I had hit him with closer to his mouth and said, “Suck it. Without daring to look at me, he sucked it and brought his right hand to his cock to masturbate.  -Do you want me to throw up? Don’t even think about touching yourself in front of me.  I got off his chest, placed my feet each on one side of his head and bent down until my ass was almost touching his chest.  -Open your mouth. I told him in a very imperative tone. He did so and immediately after, I pulled my thong aside, showed my little slit and peed on his face, again, he wasn’t expecting it. I took a cigarette and the lighter from his desk, I stepped on his chest again and sitting on the desk, without taking my feet off his chest, I smoked the cigarette throwing the ash on his face, he looked at me sideways, I could feel his fear and excitement at the same time, I put out the cigarette on his chest after a few puffs, then, I got dressed and left the office leaving the door open.  Now I know that one of the spots in his office is mine and that I have a lawyer who will do whatever I need him to.

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