My favorite student

What I thought was going to be just another day at the Yoga academy where I worked as a secretary got out of hand. That night I was alone in my office when Alberto approached me, a student of Civil Engineering whom I had already had my eye on but I did not dare to say anything to him because of the age difference, he was 15 years younger. I had already fantasized about him a thousand times and having him so close I blushed and noticed how my nipples drew my white shirt. He sat on the chair in front of my table and we started talking, his gaze was provoking me, I was unconsciously biting my lips…, I didn’t know where to put myself. Suddenly, he stood up, approached me and said: “Stand up”. Staring at me, he glued himself to me and plunged his tongue into me, we played with our mouths. He pulled my ponytail back, bit my neck, as I fondled his package. He rolled up my skirt and I pulled down his pants, I was anxious to see that cock I had wanted so badly. I knelt down, he said, I’ve wanted you ever since I saw you and now you’re going to eat it. He took out his cock, it was gigantic, and I sweetly started to lick him, kissing the tip, caressing his balls, and I slipped it in, sucking him off and sticking a finger in my dripping pussy.

I got up, grabbed him by the cock and took him to the manager’s office. I had to fulfill one of my fantasies. We violently pushed aside what was on the table, he lifted me up, put me on the edge and he knelt down. He said, “Let me see that pussy, slut.” I pulled my skirt up to my hips, he took off my shirt and my two beautiful white tits were exposed, he pounced, licked my nipples like a man possessed and finally, he put his mouth at the level of my pussy and began to suck my thighs, while I tensed and moaned because I wanted to feel his tongue plunging into me. He made me wait and I twisted my nipples, hurting myself because I wanted him so furiously.” What do you want, you slut?” he asked me. “I want you to eat my pussy and then fuck me.” I would occasionally look out the office window in case someone was passing by on the street, it made me so horny. He started nibbling on my pussy lips and stuck one, two, three fingers in my pussy, they were sliding in and out of my wet pussy. Then he lifted me up, stood me up against the window, and shoved it in, started popping me, pulling my neck, biting it… I could feel his big fat cock filling me. We danced fucking each other to the rhythm of our moans. He slapped my ass cheeks and whispered in my ear: “I want that ass of yours, I’m going to give you what you deserve” That made me scared and horny at the same time. I had never tried it that way before.

I slipped out of his arms that were around my waist, and pointing to the manager’s chair I said, “Alberto, sit down.” I knelt down, sank his cock back into my throat as I looked at him mischievously… Oh, damn I wanted him so much. Then I got on top of him, first the tip and all at once I went down until I felt the balls. I was fucking my favorite student in the manager’s chair. I was having the time of my life. We were devouring each other like animals, we were moaning more and more, I was sinking my nails into his back, he was lifting my ass and taking the opportunity to stick a finger up my anus, our thighs were bogged down. I glanced out the window and saw two young men nearby who were enjoying the scene, I gave them a half smile and went back to eating my student’s mouth and continue fucking like beasts.

Alberto grabbed me by the thighs, got up with me on top of him and carried me to another classroom. We took a mat, he put me on all fours and played with his cock in my pussy, smearing it with all the liquid, and without saying a word he stuck his cock in my ass. He had entered me all at once, I couldn’t believe it. I was bursting alive, at first I felt a little discomfort but then a wave of heat went up and up and I felt shivers all over my body and his cock looked like it was going to explode. I was screaming at him to give me more, to do whatever he wanted to me, that I wanted his cock in all my holes. While he was fucking me in the ass, he caressed my clitoris with his hand and kept on giving it to me until I noticed how my orgasm was electrifying, my whole body was throbbing… Alberto gave me the last thrusts until howling with pleasure he came inside my ass and we fell ,hugging each other on the mat.

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