My first time in a Glory Hole

Hi, today I want to tell you how I fulfilled one of my fantasies: to see myself surrounded by cocks in a Glory Hole. 

A few weeks ago, watching porn at home with a friend, she showed me a video of a Glory Hole, until then it had never caught my attention but, that day, seeing her next to me, touching herself horny watching it, with her skirt up, on my couch, uf, at that moment I had to devour her and I started to fuck her with my biggest dildo. After the sex binge, the idea of the Glory Hole came to my head again and again and I asked my friend if she knew any place where they could surround us with cocks like in the video.

To my surprise, she grabbed her cell phone and showed me an Instagram account. She told me that she had recently discovered it and wanted to try it. The Instagram account is @gloryhole_truck and it just shows a van. My friend click follow and that’s how we found out that they would be passing near Madrid in a few days.

We dressed like someone going out to party, me in my white tight mini dress and her in a kind of sarong that hinted at the highest part of her legs. We got into the Uber that would take us to a drinking area where we would have dinner and from where we would go to the industrial park where we had met the strange van.

Once in the Uber I couldn’t hold back any longer. Ever since I had seen her in the sarong I was eager to take it off. My hands slid between her legs while my mouth caught one of her fingers. The driver was watching us, but we didn’t care; the 20 minute drive was enough to leave a small stain on the upholstery of the car.

Once we saw the van, a thuggish-looking man invited us to get in the back. The van had two walls, we were in between the two. It started up and after a few minutes stopped again. Through the holes we saw the doors open and several guys got in. They seemed to be coming from a party, it was about 2 o’clock in the morning. They climbed up both sides of the van and in less than a minute the first cock appeared through one of those holes, it looked loaded although it was not yet erect, my friend and I smiled at each other, we put one on each side and we both licked that member from bottom to top. That member began to get excited and soon it was firm. As we played with that cock in turn, three more appeared.we had two cocks on each side.I left my friend and went to the opposite wall, took one cock in each hand and began to masturbate them, gently and slowly.I took one, ran my tongue along it and put it in my mouth. I felt both cocks swelling. From the corner of my eye I could see my friend taking one of the cocks all the way down her throat. It makes me so horny to see her eating cock, I wanted more, so, taking advantage of the fact that one of the cocks was a very good size, I turned around, pulled up my dress and put that big cock in my mouth. I bent over my friend and the cock began to buzz me while I fondled her breasts. One of my hands went down her back to that point where the fabric didn’t cover the skin and my fingers began to play with her clit. Her mouth left the cock that occupied it for a moment and began to kiss my neck. The violet light that illuminated us, being surrounded by erect cocks, feeling myself brutally penetrated and her bite on my neck made a tremor run through my whole body. We just started and I’m already about to cum.

My friend stood next to me, in the same position, placed her pussy in the hole to be fucked and while we were both being fucked, we both played with the cock that was right in front of our faces. I was having fun sucking it and letting out the occasional slap between licks. She had set out to get the first cum of the night and kept sucking and jerking that member. Soon we started to hear moans from the other side of the wall and “I’m cumming” said that voice as my friend’s mouth was filling with cum. She looked at me with a naughty smile, like a little girl who has just stolen a toy. The cock finished ejaculating and disappeared. At that moment I decided to make the cock I was slapping cum too, so I grabbed it with both hands, jerked it while sucking the dangling balls and when I put it back in my mouth I began to taste the liquid pleasure. We had two cocks left in the box. My friend had decided she wanted the cum in her mouth and had taken to sucking it. I was enjoying being fucked by that beast from the other side of the wall. 

I gestured to my friend and she, without stopping sucking put her ass at the level of my face.With one hand I grabbed her waist and with the other I started to play around the dark abysses inside her waist.My fingers were getting lost in both holes, wet.I was playing with my index finger on her clit when I felt her legs buckle a little. I smiled and began to increase the pace at which my fingers caressed that oasis. The cock in my mouth couldn’t stop the moans. She took a step back and without stopping jerking off she looked up at the sky and began to moan, louder and louder. Her body under my arm trembled, her eyes closed, her breathing ragged.

-The big finger of my other hand entered her anus and like someone who has pressed a button I felt at that moment how her orgasm impregnated my hand and her legs with a clear and delicious liquid. She pulled away from my hands and began to eat her cock as if it were the last one in the world. Her moans led to moans from the two cock owners. Both were very swollen and flushed, but I hadn’t cum yet, I wanted something more.

 I pulled away from the cock that was fucking me richly and started stroking it. I had to buy time. The other cock was soon in my friend’s face, and I watched her as she squirted every last drop while she shoved two fingers up my ass. When she left the third cock unusable she looked at me, she wanted more too.I shoved that last cock up my ass.She, stood in front of me and started kissing me as her fingers plunged into my pussy. Her tongue played with my nipples, the cock rammed the tightest of my orifices and when I felt the moans coming from the other side, the shiver ran through me again. I grabbed my friend’s neck as I kissed her and felt a wave of pleasure flood my body, my back arched, I felt the white liquid flow out of my ass at the same time I was cumming. My friend’s fingers kept stroking me, my moans turned to screams:

 -FUCK YES! She was staring into my eyes, my orgasm was fading as our bodies rubbed together.I licked the cum that was still on her face and felt the cock that had given me so much pleasure disappear from my body and out of sight. At that moment, my friend and I, horny as hell, finished undressing each other. We lay on the floor joining our pussies and started rubbing each other. Seeing her face with her makeup smeared and mixed with the cum from the last cock turned me on so much. The night couldn’t stop there and no, it didn’t stop.

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