Self-censored erotic tale

This erotic story is published for you to vote if I should narrate it or if I should discard it. I think I’ve been too cruel here.

It’s here, as every night returning on the last subway of line 7 appears, I do not know where, an old octogenarian with his walker, his oxygen tank on a trolley connected to his mask and his lecherous face of old green.

Normally we are the only occupants of the carriage, even so he always sits in front of me at first I changed seats or stood but after all day working standing, laziness got the better of me, the trip lasts 25 minutes and at this hour, one wants to relax a little so I thought of another method, today it will be different.

When I leave work I have changed, I have dressed in my best clothes or the worst depending on how you look at it. He sits down in front of me I smile at him, the car starts to move, I check that we are alone and then I pretend that my boy is calling me on my cell phone:
-Hi honey, how was your day?
-Yes, I’m on my way.
-Just out of the shower?! Are you going to wait for me like that?
I laugh, I look at the screen and fuck, you’ve got a dick, wait for me, I want you to.

The old man’s face is a poem, his cotton pants show a not so subtle erection, encouraged by his hand that rubs the area with little discretion.

-Of course I’m going to eat it all, I can’t wait to taste it.

My legs open, the mini skirt shows my lack of attachment to underwear and after moistening a finger in my mouth looking at the old man, the finger travels to the sweet spot of my body, sinks into me causing a moan, I close my eyes to enjoy the moment and return to address the phone

-I’m so horny, I want to see how you touch yourself honey.

The old man touches the regulator on the oxygen tank of the cart, unbuttons his pants and takes out his cock, he starts to masturbate, I never thought there were erections like that at that age, I look at him biting my lip, I open my cleavage to take out my breasts and caress them with my finger lubricated in my nectar.

The old man, his face a little flushed, starts coughing without taking his eyes off me, without stopping wagging his cock.

I decide to up the ante, leave my cell phone in my purse, lock my gaze on his, stand up and plant my right foot on the seat next to his and two inches from his face I discover the garden of my secrets, his gaze fixed where he’d like to stick something else and my fingers fiddling, He coughs again, touches the regulator of the cylinder, this time his gaze is no longer so lascivious, he gasps, continues touching himself and I, seeing the proximity of the end, kneel between his legs, put my best face of vice, look at his cock, I lick and look at him.

He smiles, behind his smile a choked breath and his hand stops, his dick deflates and his head is suspended from his neck like a puppet’s with no one to hold it.

I decide to get off at the first stop, I’ll make the rest of the way by cab.

The next night I find six security guards at my stop, one of them looks at me smiles and gestures towards the video surveillance camera, wow that was not in my plan.

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